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My Safety 1st. LLc.

I started my career in real estate in 1998. I became a project manager for a major building developer in NY. I worked side by side with construction managers in the production of 375 homes during my tenure.

After successfully selling out the first few phases of the project, within just a couple of years, I realized my drive to help families grow exponentially. There was nothing more gratifying than helping a family purchase their home. I decided by becoming a Realtor I would be in a better position to do just that and at a greater level.

In 2010 my husband and I relocated to Florida. In continuing with my passion, I acquired my Real Estate Broker’s license. After having my own bad experience that’s when I realized the only one responsible for your own safety is you. I noticed in the last few years more and more news reports involving real estate agents being the target of criminals. Many being robbed and even murdered. I grew very concerned and my husband, who is in law enforcement, became even more concerned.

My Safety 1st was born. We created this company to help Realtors and families protect themselves and give them a fighting chance against the criminals. We wanted to gear our efforts on a way to protect without having to buy a gun. It’s time we do something to protect ourselves. It’s our Constitutional and God given right to do so!

We are a family owned, operated and licensed company. We provide products for people to defend themselves and the people they cherish most in their lives. Our promise Is to conduct business in a fair and honest manner with courtesy, professionalism and respect. We value our customers and their families. Our goal is to make everyone’s motto “My Safety 1st”.